7 Things To Demystify Black Pods


We?ll be honest here, we have no idea how people experience Air Pods. Half individuals we speak to like them, half don?t. They look cool but are often lost. They?re nearly a perfect solution to the missing headphone jack, but people hate that the headphone jack is fully gone. Honestly, we?re sort of done trying. Instead, we?ll say, black Air Pods are cool and people should consider buying them. They?re a departure from the typical Apple white, but so can be most of the iPhones we see, so that it makes perfect sense that accompanying accessories would be available in other colors. Apple didn?t appear to think this was a priority and BlackPods filled the marketplace space.

By way of a proprietary coating system, BlackPods takes your Air Pods and turns them into something The Rolling Stones would be pleased with. They do the case too, and that means you won?t be putting black ear buds into a white case. You can purchase the pods straight from the foundation or send your own personal pair in. The difference is $150, however the quality of the ultimate product is identical.

Picking your watch is really a morning ritual, but TACS makes it easier than ever with the follow up to the acclaimed Automatic Vintage II Lens in the ATL. Inspired by vintage twin-lens cameras from the last century, TACS? ATL (aka Automatic Twin Lens) Watch combines a dial-design similar to the original camera with a stainless cage, a Miyota 8N24 automatic skeleton movement with a power reserve of almost two days, contrasting Horween leather strap, and three luminous hands?along with being packaged in a custom box. This watch may be the one you have to be wearing.

more stylish, less obtrusive version that matches a few of the other iPhone colors seemed obvious.?

Nick bought a few pairs of AirPods and began the long, laborious process of figuring out how to paint them. After a little bit of testing he figured it out and commercialized the process.

? Black pods There are hardly any flat surfaces, optical sensors, and multiple acoustic openings (which are tiny, requiring millimeter precision). Creating a masking process that has been not prohibitively expensive or time consuming was an enormous challenge, but people seem to be very happy with the product overall,? he said. And now he really wants to sell you some black AirPods. Each unit is painted by hand. Nick also paints AirPods that people send to him. You might have AirPods in any color provided that they?re black.

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