Children are in that stage of their life where they are free from all the tension and troubles of the world. They are meant to enjoy the life and beauty of nature. If you are planning to migrate to any country with children, you must keep in check the life for children out there. Dubai is a city where the eyes of every investor are set from all over the world. Due to the boom in the business in Dubai. The luxury villas and buildings are under construction, but apart from all these luxury villas like District One Villas Dubai, there are a lot of other activities that are great for your children. After school and regular classes, children want to have some fun during the day, and there are a lot of things they can play like Basketball, ballet, rugby, ice-skating, drama, swimming and whatnot.

Here are some activities for your children in Dubai:


The school community of Dubai for the Expatriates is quite expensive. Most of these schools provide education from primary to the 12th (intermediate/ A levels). These are well organized and divided into the division of pre-school, primary, and secondary divisions.

These schools also provide after-school activity for the children. Usually, parents are busy, and they don’t have enough time to take their children out and have fun with them. Either they don’t like their children getting bored at home doing some stuff they don’t want them to do.

You can try visiting the web of Dubai international academy (DIA) on the first page you will get the list of activities like drama, art, reading, music, karate, computer courses, science clubs, and much more.

These activities are free with education, you just have to pay their semester fee in which all these charges are included. There are some restrictions on the number of activities that you will decide at the time of registration.


When there is a demand, there is a need. Many entrepreneurs are filling every demand of the residents in Dubai. This portal of has got to you the activities you can do after school.

The idea is for those who don’t want to explore these activities by driving themselves, instead, they prefer someone to tell them about the places so they can just go there and enjoy themselves.

Like the other websites in Dubai, the interface seems quite busy with animations. There is so much on the first page that might confuse you, but don’t worry take your time and explore the page you will ultimately get the thing you are interested for


All these activities have the policy to come and see for yourself. This offers “try before you buy” for almost every activity, so if you find it not so interesting during your trial period, you can get a 100% return. It depends from organization to organization, for what they offer according to their policies so it is better to clear things on a phone call first.

For the people across the world, Dubai is not that big in size but the multi-culture in this city is so fabulous that you meet many strangers everyday. People from different countries share knowledge with you, so you get the idea about new activities and fun. There is a leading website in Dubai for such things One the top right corner, there you are going to find a tab of education and its sub-category will be after school activities. Right now, there is a list of different organizations and their details about the services and activities they are offering. The complete contact information of such organizations is available on the website.

A generic word like after school activity might not be that useful to you so be more specific with the keywords like drama, singing, or any game.

People love living in Dubai, as the city is full of entertainment and luxury. People living a healthy and busy life in the city but the problem is they don’t have much time for their children to take them out and do some after school activities, Especially, those people living in opulent areas like Port De La Mer Dubai and Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), for them, it is a good option to register in some organization providing the services of after school activities for their c   hild.