Classic Engagement Rings: The Victorian Era


Victorian styles are some of the preferred In relation to vintage engagement rings. There is been a huge rise in demand from customers for antique jewellery of late, but it might be tricky to recognize which styles are reliable Victorian and which are from a later on time period. Jewellery trends adjusted considerably all over the Victorian era, so in case you are thinking about likely for a hoop from this period, maintain an eye fixed out for these features.

Early Victorian Type

Early styles can be characterised by their extravagance. Coloured gemstones had been each of the rage just after Albert selected emeralds to propose to Queen Victoria, instead of diamonds. It had been this act that also tipped the landslide of the embedded snake design and style, which was claimed to signify eternal enjoy. Queen Victoria was the trendsetter of your era and serpentine vintage engagement rings are an complete giveaway trait of early Victorian jewellery.

Celtic patterns shortly emerged, in conjunction with inlaid photographs imprinted beneath centre stones. It absolutely was also the fashion to buy jewellery that integrated the bride-to-be’s delivery stone, supplying technique to an entire host of various gemstones. Uncommon materials for instance tortoise shell, coral and ivy were being also experimented with.

Mid-Victorian Design

Mid-Victorian jewellery moved in the extravagant to the delicate. Brightly coloured gems promptly shed attractiveness Together with the death of the Queen’s husband Albert and also a wave of mourning jewellery adopted suit. This outlined itself with darker gemstones such as rubies, opals and black jets.

Themes and accents moved into mother nature, including photographs including bouquets, insects, shells and acorns. Hearts also highlighted really prominently on many types. Vintage engagement rings from this period have been predominantly manufactured with rose gold, which was reasonably well known inside the early Victorian time period but genuinely grew to become mainstream for memorial/mourning parts

Late Victorian Model

With extensive developments manufactured within the sourcing of supplies, jewellery from this era swiftly became laden with diamonds. Those on the lookout for vintage engagement rings utilising stunning diamonds ought to surely discover the late Victorian era. Pearl accents and cluster diamond patterns can also be a strong sign in the interval.

Wedding day jewellery became a lot far more mass made through this time, and handmade types turned a rarity. This means a good amount of late Victorian models are rather similar, including the usage of platinum for your stone placing, mainly because it offered a solid and for a longer period lasting grip. Solitaire cuts emerged for The very first time in the course of this period and acquired A great deal attractiveness in addition.

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