Luxury Hotel Spa or Resort Spa-What are the differences and benefits?

However, luxury hotel spas are preferred by carefully selected groups dedicated to personal well-being and relaxation. In essence, spa enthusiasts love the experience offered by luxury hotel spas.
I have listed the differences between the two. I think it’s interesting.
If you like, go to the luxury hotel spa:

A luxurious environment where the design and layout of the spa environment is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, relaxation, energy generation and inspiration.
Environment for adults: Keep your kids at home!
A relaxing environment with friendship that makes it easy to meet new people. There are countless recreational programs such as hiking, meditation, health improvement lectures and exercise classes.
An excellent choice of healthy organic foods.
Package price including hotel room, Hotel spa alsace side dish, meeting and of course spa treatment.
Please consult a male or female therapist if you wish to book a spa treatment. Feel free to ask questions during treatment or let the therapist know your concerns and requirements.
Visit the resort spa if:

Spa treatments as part of a weekend experience
Spending time with your family while escaping some of my time.
Spend only a day or a few hours (some destination spas have a minimum stay requirement)
Additional services such as golf, fishing and many hiking trails
Instead of attending classes and lectures, just to relax.
Regardless of which type you enter (luxury hotel spa or spa resort), it is highly recommended to discuss all spa procedures at the time of booking. Make sure the spa hotel you want to visit has enough spa treatment rooms to meet your demands. Anyway, it’s safer to book a luxury hotel spa treatment in advance than to wait until you get there.